You’re invited to the 8th Special STEAM Seminar! (July 30, 2021 Seoul time)

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The 8th edition of Special STEAM Seminar is now here. This month we are going to have two live presentations with two exciting speakers!

About this event

Talk 1 by Jay Kappraff: The Mathematics of Design: A New Approach to Mathematical Pedagogy

Short Bio

After obtaining degrees in Chemical Engineering I worked briefly for Dupont and NASA. I then got a Doctorate in Mathematics at NYU-Courant Institute and began an academic career at Cooper Union for six years and NJIT for 44 years. My mathematics background is in applied Mathematics where I worked in the area of plasma physics. I then developed an interest in the Mathematics of Design and wrote four books in this area: Connections: the geometric bridge between art and science, Beyond Measure: A guided tour of nature, myth, and number, A Participatory Approach to Modern Geometry, and Geometrical Foundations of Design: Old and New. All of these books were published by World Scientific one of which was chosen as the best book in math and science in 1990. Over the course of my career I have written more than 85 refereed papers. In 1994 I created a series of 12 videotapes for a distance learning course based on my Connections book. The video course was chosen as the best video course and was aired many times on local television. In 2004 I created a lecture series in Technology and Society and supervised the production of more than 90 talks on many topics pertaining to technology, its promises and perils. I also involved myself in organizing three major conferences on Nuclear War, the last one which took place in April 2019 featuring Daniel Ellsberg and Robert Jay Lifton. In 2014 I created a music program at NJIT in which we now have three active musical ensembles rehearsing each week: a string ensemble, a wind ensemble and a big band jazz group involving about 200 students. I play the violin in one of the groups. At the end of the semester the ensembles perform a concert for the school. Over the course of my career I received several college-wide teaching awards and an award for service. I also organized an award winning program in Applied Mathematics and Communications for seventh graders from Newark schools. In 2018 I retired and am now an Emeritus Professor of Mathematics. I also involve myself as an amateur violinist, and a tennis player.


Introduction of the Seminar Session

I will describe the four books that I have written on the Mathematics of Design and how they fit together to form a new mathematical pedagogy. It will be shown how the books fit together to form a new approach to mathematics. Each topic is accompanied by mathematical surprises and leads to designs while being based on sound mathematical principles and will show how large ideas come from humble beginnings. These ideas will be illustrated by topics from my new book, Geometric Foundations of Design: Old and New.


Talk 2 by Steven Jacobs: Faraday 200 Project: working the right end of the fire.


Steven Jacobs, a retired college professor is a scientist, educator, author, and media personality. With three university degrees, nearly two decades of teaching, and experience with Nickelodeon, National Geographic, NASA, Paramount Television, FOX Television, Disney, National Public Radio (NPR), and the Smithsonian Institution, he is currently Chief Scientist to Discovery Channel and Faraday Laboratory.

Steve’s work with Mr. Wizard’s World on Nickelodeon was nominated for a Cable Ace Award. His educational program on FOX Television, Jake’s Attic, was syndicated on 158 stations across the US. He is consultant to many Discovery Channel Productions including Myth Busters, Dr. Know, Science Live, Street Science, America’s Best Museums, and the Discovery Channel Young Scientist Challenge.

Prof. Jacobs, known to his friends and colleagues as “Jake,” is currently leading a STEM learning team for the United Nations Project 17, Sustainable Development Goals ( SDG) effort: Faraday 200.

Inspired by the Royal Institution’s recent effort to celebrate the 200th anniversary of Michel Faraday’s development of the electric motor, and the decades long desire to share world-wide the extensive contents of the Faraday collection of science learning activities, Faraday Studios is in the formative process of building a team or scientists and educators across the planet. This session will introduce workshop attendees with our plans and research outcomes for sharing the world’s largest collection of science learning activities and demonstrations.

In lieu of a typical orator-to-audience presentation, this session will be “picking the brains” of the audience to garner its input for this huge effort.

This 4D Frame workshop will be the first public sharing of the Faraday 200 Project. I have attended many of the workshops in this series and have discovered that the participants are quite amazing. I anticipate with delight the response we might receive from the participants.

Please register through the link below!

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