2020 ICAS Spring Conference - "Borderless Connectivity"

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ICAS 2020 – Borderless Connectivity


Press Release




On 26 June, the 1st
International Conference on the Advancement of STEAM (ICAS) took place online
by the International Society for the Advancement of STEAM(ISAS).


International Society for the Advancement
of STEAM(ISAS) was established to contribute on the development and spread of
the research related to convergence education all over the world. The
International Conference on the Advancement of STEAM(ICAS) took place with the
aim to promote the development of field of convergence education through
sustainable communication with scholars, researchers, and teachers related to
STEAM education and academic research of the convergence education.


Various organization including the 4DLand,
Inc, Foundation for the Advancement of STEAM(FAS), Korea National University of
Education, Convergence Education Research Institute(CERI), Experience Workshop,
Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia(UPI), GeoGebra, Byulmuri School and Quebon Mathematics
have supported the Conference.


The most particular point of this
Conference is that such a global conference is made online amid the COVID-19
pandemic. Scholars and audiences from 19 countries including Korea, Sweden,
Hungary, Finland, Spain, Estonia, Taiwan, United States, South Africa,
Singapore, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Serbia, Italy, United Kingdom, Thailand,
Vietnam, Israel and Japan.


The Conference received congratulatory and
welcome remarks from eminent persons from various countries. Prof. Lena
Gumaelius KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden and Woo-Yea
Hwang, former Minister of Ministry of Education and 5-time member of the
National Assembly of Korea has participated in this session to congratulate
this meaningful first step towards the future of convergence education in this
changing time.


The main topic of this conference is “Borderless
Connectivity”. Speakers including Prof. Hee Chan Lew, Prof. Lee Young Hee and
Prof. Zsolt Lavicza has emphasized about the importance of untact convergence
education during this era of pandemic during Plenary Lecture and Keynote
Remarks sessions.


The main sessions were divided into four
tracks: 1. Live Oral Presentation, 2. Pre-recorded Oral Presentation, 3. Poster
and 4. Workshop, with two session topics of Future and Innovation of
Convergence Education and Convergence Education Methodology.


Speakers came from not just various countries,
but also from various backgrounds. Kristof Fenyvesi from Finland is an
international scholar who collaborated with many researchers all around the
world, while Wing Kin Cheng from Hong Kong made his live presentation together
with her young daughter. Hyosook Yang is the CEO of a educational company in
Korea called 4DLand, Inc, which focuses on STEAM Education, while Wei Sern Lew
is a high school teacher who was eager to share his experience regarding
convergence education in Singapore.

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