A workshop in Tekniska Museet in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  • 2020-09-18 15:37:00
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On October 12, Head Teacher Philippe Longchamps from Lund,
Sweden who was also a speaker of 1st International Mathematical Science and Creativity Conference,
 has conducted a workshop in Tekniska Museet in Stockholm, Sweden.
A large audience was deeply impressed by his presentation with the theme,
 'A Multidisciplinary Approach to Active Learning with 4DFrame' at the conference in Seoul National University of
 Education in Korea on Oct 18. He did the same presentation in Sweden as well to share the method
 of his educational activities in the school and expressed some models using 4DFrame with attendees.
 Especially, it was very meaningful that the place,
where the event took place was the starting point of 4DFrame's history in Europe with an exhibition hall of 4DFrame.
Likewise, 4DFrame will walk on foot together for advanced educational activities in Sweden in the future.
We will appreciate your continuous attention. Thank you so much! 
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